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Ok, if you've been around the Web since 1996 or so, you've possibly seen my old site on GeoCities.  I'm hoping some of my loyal fans are still here, but this section is for both old and new.  I still don't have quite the room to host EVERYTHING I had there, all at one time, plus all my new stuff, so I'll be moving big chunks of photo's in and out of here.  (If I put up everything from GeoCities at one time, I'd have no room for the new material!)

So, for now, take a look below to find material from way back then...  Each index shows what was up that week.  Submitting tokens will download a zip file with all of that weeks images.

Please remember, some of these are VERY old (in 'Net years anyway), are lower resolution, and need some retouching.   They date back to 1995 and 1996...  All the new stuff in other sections are much nicer...

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Archive #60

10 pix

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Archive #67

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